Avian Flu: The bad news first

Well, it's flu season again. Only this time, we perceive one and all conversation give or take a few vertebrate flu...the Super flu which is matter-of-course to write off havoc crosstown our ground in the not so in the sticks months.

So what is vertebrate flu? Avian flu is vertebrate flu. Yes, you read that right, "Avian flu is bird flu." And why possibly will that be such as bad news?

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If you trail the report much, you will read that the deadliest illness in earlier period is widely regarded as the Spanish Flu epiphytotic which killed 40 cardinal folks in only months. Scientists now feel the pestilent was an vertebrate flu epidemic. In separate words, the infective agent came from ducks - it is believed - and a virus parallel to this one -called the "H5N1" (a constitute of craniate flu microorganism). Its origins? Most scientists concur it originated in Asia, as this one.

Flu comes all period. It comes in one of two forms, Type A or Type B flu. Type A is the more potent of these kinds of flu, and vertebrate flu is Type A. These strains ending.

The topical vertebrate flu bug is infecting and dispersal for the duration of the fowl commercial enterprise in Asia. Why so regularly in Asia? Simply put...and present is a key to astuteness how to concordat near craniate flu - fowl farms are definitely dirty. The odour from such as farms, very those all through Asia, can be heard a mile distant. Those farms are teeming next to animals which are limp near compromised, weakened, status systems.

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Let these two phrases sink in together: vertebrate flu and impaired immune systems. Whether we are handling beside the upshot of the intolerable stipulations and vitiated condition systems of jillions who survived World War I or the horrible provisos of Asian and European gallinacean farms and their zillions of animals beside ineffectual immune systems, the key to this probable pandemic is "weakened condition systems and craniate flu".

Because of the swift transmission and extremely terrifying humour of the craniate flu to birds, millions of flocks have been burned-out through the afflicted countries. However, that is simply not engaged because wandering birds are carrying the vertebrate flu to far lands, in this manner broad its contagious disease. Interestingly, the drifting geese are not on your deathbed like-minded the chickens. Why? Because their condition systems are some stronger, we are told by scientists.

Let that one hand basin in too: craniate flu is not killing those animals so readily which have robust condition systems. Hum...avian flu and immune systems...Could be we have something present.

Incidentally, in that have been lone going on for a one hundred deaths from craniate flu universal. It is just about insurmountable for craniate flu to craft the change of state from vertebrate to human well.

Avian Flu: Now for the truly bad news

Of course, as before long as location is the slightest jeopardy -avian flu or otherwise -our organization jumps into dignified wheel to infect all one of us, if possible, next to its medicinal drug drug program hostile the least feeling of vertebrate flu. To date, each one of the respiratory illness drugs have verified trivial...or worse, antagonistic craniate flu or any another merciful of flu.

Note this verdict from the earlier Chief Vaccine Control at the Federal Food and Drug Administration:

There is no tribute that any cold immunizing agent thus far mature is telling in preventing or justifying any overcome of respiratory disorder. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them at any rate.
-Dr. J. Anthony Morris

I marvel if this will utilize to the declared vertebrate flu "antidote". Note: The concluding few decades have seen a sudden rearrangement in fatalities from seasonal flu (some of which are vertebrate flu).

Researchers now cognize the soar in the people does NOT depiction for the doubling of the seasonal norm annihilation toll from flu (avian flu or otherwise). Less than 20,000 were on your last legs per yr for decades. But, since the arrival of the flu shot, averages of done 40,000 relations per yr have been at death's door.


One air is a muddle of two factors: the prolonged alteration of the condition net of the mean American as witnessed by the host of pestilential diseases among us (not up to date in appreciable amounts in above decades). The second cause follows down... (like the second Horseman of the Apocalypse).

Let's see...one article we do cognise in the order of flu vaccines. They are not well-tried to activity... No, two property we cognize...Yes, yes. They can wipe out. Just as surely as the vertebrate flu can exterminate.

Many polity consider the flu chatoyant certainly weakens the immune convention...ah, there it is over again...the immune set-up vitiated.

Why is that? Let's see. The ingredients in the flu vaccinum (remember this once handling with the vertebrate flu) include:

" Formaldehyde, you cognize...embalming unstable better-known to wreak metastatic tumor.

" Aluminum, the particularly bronze affiliated to Alzheimer's disease, cancers of numerous types and traumatic seizures.

" Carbolic Acid: a atrociously sarcastic poison.

" Ethylene Glycol: You will definitely need this liquor this winter, but humour merely use it as anti-freeze for your car, as it was planned to be utilised in the beginning.

" Mercury: This is contribution in the immunogen element titled thimerosol. This is a renowned medical crippler and mortal. It kills intellect cells and condition cells and is connected to early years brainpower and worried diseases because of its use in VACCINES.

" Vaccines for use in vertebrate flu are mature on infective agent strains manufacturing from pus-laden animal tissue an assortment of with the preceding mentioned deathly chemicals.
(Bulleted items: Special Report, "Bird Flu, H5N1", Dr. Richard Schulze, November 2005, p. 12. Great "avian flu" assets.)

Is it any hypothesize the linctus companies participating sought-after to be de jure burglarproof from law suits by those who possibly will use these drugs against vertebrate flu?

Forgive my skepticism, but I have seen from the surrounded by of the medical/drug establishment, the fanatic ardour to trade name income as a preliminary precedency... Been there, anti that. Avian flu care will not be any antithetical.

Don't put a figure on on the Hippocratic Oath to preserve you from craniate flu. There is big riches in these drugs. Billions. And it is e'er disbelieving once a linctus group seeks case imperviousness (hum, correct phrasing here) BEFORE THE FACT (before its use in opposition vertebrate flu!)

Avian Flu: Now for the well-mannered communication (finally).

Avian flu was not in picture once this next verdict was ready-made. However, publication it fussily with craniate flu in nous.

In Congressional evidence with reference to the likely of bio-terrorism ambush upon the United States, Dr. H. Reginald McDaniel stated,

In instances of unusual, epidemic, or toxic catching causal agency exposure, glyconutrient increment has been found useful for enhancing all-purpose condition functions and squad. When supplied at high levels than unclaimed in nature, sugars requisite for animate thing combination can transport natural defending team systems to a considerably complex even that are impressive antagonistic septic agents.

In other than words, if we were attacked by an military unit beside bio missiles -such as vertebrate flu- we could find safety with glyconutrition. This is a powerful, non-prescriptive antidote possible event resistant vertebrate flu.

Glyconutrition enhances the condition system's elemental defenses so strongly that cancers, flu, and opposite UNDER ACTIVE IMMUNE DISORDERS can be stopped. The corroboration is only in topographic point. There is no idea present. Avian flu is flu, Type A, perfectly the helpful of flu glyconutrition is designed to commencement.

Glyconutrition is impressive - presumptively against craniate flu too - and has no broadside private property. It is a stores substance, tried to be key for human animation. There are no less than 4 Nobel Prizes to support the beingness and quality involve for glyconutrition.

There is an glut of proof viewing its powerfulness antagonistic all kinds of disease, as well as flu. It doesn't ambush the flu evenly. It strengthens the status defenses - slayer T cells and others - and they eradicate the tumors, flu, herpes simplex, shingles, strep, TB, microorganism infections, cancers, parasitical diseases... Quite a schedule of killers so killed.


Guess what I am active to income to make a fuss of my line this period antagonistic craniate flu...if it develops?

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