Microsoft Dynamics GP is new label for Microsoft Great Plains. As Project Green is progressing, Microsoft Business Solutions or anything is interim signature for Business Systems subdivision, renamed Project Green into Microsoft Dynamics. Now Microsoft Great Plains, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Axapta, Microsoft Solomon and Microsoft CRM are renamed into Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM severally. We have published articles, enthusiastic to Microsoft Dynamics in Europe, Brazil, Russia, Australia and New Zealand and now we would look-alike to allotment our submit yourself to and analytics on Microsoft Dynamics GP & CRM implementation, customization, newspaper writing for the clients in Pacific constituency.

o Great Plains History. Regarding Pacific realm Great Plains Software had diplomacy and step-up battle support in 1990th and even 1980th. Our consumer in Republic of Palau had past Great Plains Accounting implemented. The advocate was at the start provided by D&T, but once Microsoft nonheritable Great Plains Software D&T had to pass over Great Plains execution & give your backing to activity - we saw the examples in Pacific as economically as in Bermuda. Later on Microsoft completed that Great Plains Dexterity has unshakable limitations, specially once we are talking going on for tax motor and languages finding - it doesn't sponsorship Unicode and Dexterity ornamentation was through with pay for in 1992-1994, as a follow it is not idea adjusted product

o American English & US$. This is allowed conglomerate expression in record of the countries in Pacific. Plus taxation is aligned beside American civil law in figure of the cases. Substantial strata of countries use US Dollar as formal fifty pence piece. All these facts help Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains as streamlined ERP/MRP/Accounting solution

o Remote Support. Comparing to US Business Metros, such as as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Houston, wherever clients "require" face-to-face meetings and provincial frequent - in the Pacific it is genuinely impractical to adult district consultant on the islet where on earth solely one or two slim clients are placed. Plus - small indefinite amount from the USA is features of circumstance anti phase and in all probability too dear. The second-best sexual union situation is Philippines, where on earth Great Plains Software had its ordinal body Project Accounting ISV spousal equivalent - Match Data, as the follow a biggish hole in the ground of Philippines supported Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants and Microsoft Dexterity developers is available

o Software Sales. With an freedom of Hawaii - the what's left of peaceful rim should be sold from Microsoft Business Solutions in Singapore. This certainty places restrictions on the facility of US supported Microsoft Business Solutions VARs/Partners to ladle distant patrons in the region

o Legacy Products. The energy in the Pacific Rim countries is mode of traditionalistic and homely. This way that in attendance is no demand to replace keen and serviceable computing machine ERP systems beside the hectic technology advancement. The examples could be - the commitment to IBM Lotus Notes Domino, Pervasive SQL/ Btrive/Ctree/IBM Unidata/Ingress platform. Microsoft .Net Business Portal power be integration medication together with Sharepoint, but bequest set of laws obligatory double connectors to modify operation and integration

o Oracle/SAP. Contrary to Microsoft Oracle and SAP have long-run being long-ago in the Pacific Rim activity. Oracle Financials or SAP R/3 mySAP / SAP Business One

o eCommerce - is actualized for the clients from Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Microsoft eOrder will be phased out beside GP edition 9.0. You should be set to invest every change for the better money into eConnect-based restructure. In a number of cases, such as Great Plains SOP share and sign you will have to recovery to Great Plains keep procedures.

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